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About Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga, informally known as Wagga, is the capital of the Riverina Region and is the largest inland city of New South Wales. Nestled on the banks of the magnificent Murrumbidgee River, midway between Sydney and Melbourne, Wagga Wagga is home to over 60,000 people, and is the major support city for both the agriculture and military industries within the state.

The original inhabitants were the Wiradjuri, the largest Aboriginal tribe within New South Wales and it is from their language that the name “Wagga Wagga” is derived. It is generally accepted that “Wagga” means crow, and by repeating the word, translates into “place of many crows.”

Renowned for its stunning parks and award-winning gardens, Wagga Wagga is a dynamic and cosmopolitan city. Its sophisticated and diverse culture offers a wealth of dining experiences and attractions, including a number of boutique wineries offering quality vintages.

Wagga Wagga’s rich heritage combines with modern influences to provide a vast range of cultural attractions, including two public art galleries, two museums, two outdoor amphitheatres, two museums and a Conservatorium of music.

Known for the disproportionately high number of elite athletes to have emerged from the city, such as gold medal winner Brad Kahlefeldt, the pursuit of sport looms large in Wagga Wagga. In addition to the vast range of sporting clubs, a number of recreational facilities are available, including the multi-million dollar Oasis Aquatic Centre.

Suburbs within Wagga Wagga

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit Wagga Wagga, then you’re probably not aware that there are 21 suburbs (plus a few unofficial ones) that make up this wonderful city. Following you’ll find a short description of each suburb. Or if you’d like more detailed information, visit our suburb profiles page, where we delve deeper into what makes each suburb so unique.

Ashmont – A south-western suburb of Wagga Wagga, Ashmont is home to the New South Wales rural fire and state emergency services. Providing a number of schools and childcare centres, it’s home to Wagga’s Bunnings megastore.

Bomen – A northern suburb of Wagga Wagga, Bomen is dominated by industrial enterprises such as the Wagga Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre (saleyards). Interestingly, all new street names in Bomen are to be named after sheep and cattle breeds.

Boorooma – Located in Wagga Wagga’s northern suburbs, Boorooma is a boutique residential subdivision and neighbour to the Charles Sturt University. It is home to the Vianney College Seminary and The Riverina Anglican College, and has land zoned for the construction of a shopping centre.

Bourkelands – A rapidly developing southern suburb of Wagga Wagga, Bourkelands predominantly consists of housing for defence staff at the nearby RAAF Base and army training centre. Within the suburb is Jubilee Park/Oval, where various daily sporting activities occur, such as hockey and touch football.

Cartwrights Hill – A north-eastern suburb of Wagga Wagga, Cartwright Hills is located immediately to the west of Bomen, an industrial suburb of the city. It is home to the Red Steer Hotel, and has limited residential homes including attractive farms and properties.

Central Wagga Wagga – One of the largest suburbs of Wagga Wagga, Central Wagga Wagga is the heart of the city. With numerous dining options, two shopping centres, the Murrumbidgee Turf Club and various galleries and museums, Central is a hive of activity.

Estella – A popular suburb of Wagga Wagga, Estella is located to the north of the city centre and is a relatively new area, with development having commenced in the 80s. Just south of Charles Sturt University and west of Boorooma, its street names are named after crop varieties.

Forest Hill – One of Wagga Wagga’s fastest growing suburbs, Forest Hill is ideally located close to the Wagga Wagga Airport, Forest Hill Shopping Centre and the RAAF base. It is a family oriented suburb approximately 15 minutes drive from the centre of Wagga Wagga.

Glenfield Park – Glenfield Park or simply Glenfield is a popular southern suburb of Wagga Wagga. With strong residential development, due to its close proximity to the outer edge of the city, its home to Aldi Supermarket, doctor surgeries, daycares, a retirement village and the South City Shopping Centre.

Glenoak – An unofficial suburb of Wagga Wagga, Glenoak is located within the western extreme of Springvale and is one of Wagga’s newer development areas for small acreage.

Gracelands – An unofficial suburb of Wagga Wagga, Gracelands is located on the eastern side of Kooringal Hill and is known for its modern homes boasting sweeping views of the area.

Gumly Gumly – Just 8km east of the city centre, Gumly Gumly is predominantly an industrial area, with the major industry being retail trade. It features some great homes located on the banks of the Murrumbidgee.

Kapooka – To the South of Wagga Wagga, Kapooka is most known for the Department of Defence’s Blamey Barracks, where the Army Recruit Training Centre conducts its operations.

Kooringal – Just 4km from the centre of Wagga Wagga, Kooringal offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Home to Kooringal High School, the largest secondary school in Wagga Wagga, and a number of other schools, it features the Kooringal Mall, a large suburban shopping centre.

Lake Albert – Lake Albert is an enviable suburb located on the shores of Lake Albert, from which it is named. One of the largest suburbs of the area, it lies just 10 minutes from the centre of Wagga Wagga. Offering two primary schools and the Mater Dei Catholic College, it also boasts a large shopping centre.

Lake Haven – An unofficial suburb of Wagga Wagga, Lake Haven is located on the southern banks of Lake Albert, nestled between Apex Park, the Wagga Boat Club and the Country Club Golf Course. It’s most well-known for its prestigious homes and stunning location.

Lakeside – An unofficial suburb of Wagga Wagga, Lakeside is the western edge of Lake Albert, bounded by the Country Club Golf Course to the south.

Lloyd – One of Wagga Wagga’s newest suburbs, Lloyd is located south-west of the city within close proximity of the Jubilee Park/Oval, known for its various sporting fields. It is a short drive from the South City Shopping Centre and Aldi supermarket.

Moorong – A small suburb west of Wagga Wagga under 10 minutes from the centre of the city, Moorong is predominantly made up of industrial and agricultural areas.

Mount Austin – An established residential and parkland area, Mount Austin is an inner suburb of southern Wagga Wagga. With a number of schools, it also features Willans Hill Reserve and Anderson Park.

North Wagga Wagga – An inner suburb of Wagga Wagga, North Wagga Wagga is located directly across from the city’s central business district and is one of the city’s oldest suburbs. Home to two pubs, as well as a public school and football/cricket ground, it has a scattering of businesses and churches.

San Isidore – A rural suburb on the western outskirts of Wagga Wagga, San Isidore is approximately 8km from the centre of town. With fields of pastural lands, it provides a true glimpse into country New South Wales.

Springvale – One of Wagga Wagga’s most desirable locations, Springvale is a semi-rural picturesque outer southern suburb of the city. Within minutes of Lake Albert, Springvale is a short drive from the centre of town.

Tatton – Just five kilometres from the city centre, Tatton is one of Wagga Wagga’s more prestigious suburbs, with strong residential ties. A major drawcard of the suburb is the Lutheran Primary School.

Tolland – South of Central Wagga Wagga, Tolland is home to Mount Austin High School and Tolland Shopping Centre. It is also located within close proximity to the Jubilee and Kessler Parks.

Turvey Park – An inner suburb of southern Wagga Wagga, Turvey Park is a popular suburb within the area due to its close proximity to the city centre. Bound by the main southern railway line to the north and the eastern edge of Willans Hill Reserve in the East, it’s close to the Base and Calvary hospitals.

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