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How do I apply for a rental property?
When you’ve found a property you’re interested in, you’ll need to email or call Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga to organise an inspection of the property. One of our Property Management team members will then accompany you on the inspection, allowing you to see first-hand what the property is like.

If after your inspection you’d like to apply for the property, you’ll be provided with an application form. This form will include information such as your current address and previous rental history, your employment details and personal references. This information is necessary for us to verify your identity, to process and evaluate your application and to manage the tenancy.

Each applicant must fill in their own individual application form.

At Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga, all properties must be viewed prior to applying.

What information do I need to supply with my application?
When you’ve completed your application form with all the relevant information, you’ll also need to provide 100 points of identification. These points are used to verify your identity and are made up of the following:

–    (40 points) Driver’s license or passport
–    (30 points) Birth certificate or other form of photo identification
–    (20 points) Medicare card, credit card, current wage advice, previous tenancy reference or previous two rent receipts
–    (10 points) Motor vehicle registration certificate, bank statement, telephone account, electricity account or gas account

I have a pet, will this affect my application?
Pets may be considered on application, however as it is at the owner’s discretion we recommend checking whether a property will accept pets prior to applying.

If you’re application is accepted allowing a pet to reside at the premise, it is preferred if you organise a pest spray at the end of your lease.

How do you determine who is successful?
Upon receiving your application form and the required 100 points of identification, our Property Management team will begin processing your application. In saying this, if your application is missing information or all applicants have yet to supply their individual forms, your application will not be reviewed until everything has been supplied.

When your application has been processed and evaluated by our office, it will be forwarded to the landlord, who then makes the final decision of who the successful applicant is.

How soon will I know whether I have been successful?
Once you’ve supplied your applications with all the required information, it will be processed within a 48 hour period. In most cases it will take less time than this, however on rare occasions may take a little longer.

Will I be advised if I have been unsuccessful in my application?
Yes. All applicants will be contacted regardless of whether they have been successful or not.



My application has been accepted, what now?
Congratulations on your successful application. A Property Officer/Manager from our Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga team will be in contact with you to organise a time for you to come in and sign a lease agreement, as well as discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

You will be required to pay a ‘holding fee’ equivalent to one week’s rent as soon as possible once your application has been approved. This holding fee will secure the property and ensure no other applications are processed prior to your signing the lease agreement.

If after paying the holding fee, prior to signing the lease agreement you decide not to proceed, the landlord may retain the equivalent amount to how many days the property was not advertised from.

What is a lease agreement?
A lease agreement is a legally binding agreement between you, the tenant, and the landlord. Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga, act on behalf of the landlord and will be your main point of contact. The lease will include detailed information on the term of your lease, who will be residing there, and all relevant conditions.

What is a bond?
When you sign the lease agreement, you’ll be required to pay a rental bond equivalent to four week’s rent, plus one week’s rent in advance. This is for security in case you do not follow the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Once our office receives your bond it is then lodged with the Fair Trading Rental Board. This is held until the end of your lease.

What is an entry condition report?
Prior to moving in you’ll receive a welcome pack, which will include an entry condition report. This records the condition of the premises at the start of the tenancy. The form you will receive will have been completed by our office, noting any damage, problems with the property.

On moving in, you will be required to complete the tenant section of the entry condition report and return it to Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga within three days of moving in. It is important to fill in as much detail as you can, as this will be used by our team at the end of your lease to determine whether the property has been left in a satisfactory condition.



I have a maintenance problem, what do I do?
As part of your welcome pack you will have received a ‘Repair Request Form and Checklist’. Simply fill out the form and supply to our office. One of our Property Management team members will then be in contact with you to determine a course of action.

Will there be inspections of the property and how often should I expect these?
During your tenancy, our office will conduct periodic inspections of your premises. This is to ensure that all conditions regarding the lease agreement are being met, and that the property is being kept in a reasonable state.

When a routine inspection has been scheduled, you will receive written confirmation providing a minimum of seven days’ notice. Where possible we will provide 14 days’ notice for your convenience. These routine inspections will generally occur every 4.5 months.

Who will be conducting these inspections?
These inspections are conducted by your dedicated Property Officer/Manager. You’re not required to be home during the scheduled inspection. If you choose to do so, please be aware that our Property Managers often have several inspections booked in the same day, so it can be difficult to set specific times to inspect each property.

How is rent to be paid?
Rent can be paid directly at our office on Baylis Street via eftpos, cash, cheque or money order. Alternatively we can provide you with the details to organise a direct transfer via your bank.

What happens if my rent is in arrears?
A good tenant will always ensure their rent is paid on time, however we understand that on rare occasions something may happen that affects this. If there is any reason your rent will not be paid on time, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible to advise us of the situation.



My lease is almost up and I don’t want to renew it, is there anything I need to do?
If your fixed term lease agreement is due to expire and you will not be extending the lease, you are required to provide 14 days’ notice in writing prior to the end date of the lease.

If your fixed term lease agreement has already expired and you have yet to contact Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga, you will need to provide 21 days’ notice in writing, and continue to pay rent for this period.

Please note the notice period does not start until your written notice is received at our office. If you send the notice via the mail, please ensure you allow four additional days to cover postal delays.

I want to leave the property before my lease is up, can I do this?
Yes. This is called breaking the lease. To break the lease you must provide written notice of the date you intend to leave. You will be required to pay a break lease fee (110% of weekly rent) and continue paying rent until a new tenant has been found.

Is there anything I need to do before leaving?
At the start of your lease you will be provided with a checklist of what is required when you move out. You will be required to clean the premises to a satisfactory condition both inside and out, and pay for professional carpet cleaning. We are happy to provide a list of preferred cleaners on request.

You will also be provided with an exit condition report, similar to the entry condition report you filled in at the start of your lease. This is to provide information of any damage to the premises since residing there.

How do I get my bond back?
On moving out, Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga will conduct an exit inspection, which will determine whether the premise has been left in a satisfactory condition. This will determine whether your full bond is refunded.

You will then be provided with a bond refund form stipulating the amount to be refunded. This will need to be signed by all tenants on the lease. It will then be your responsibility to lodge this form with Fair Trading.

Why has money been deducted from my bond?
Common reasons a claim may be lodged against your bond are:

–    You still owe rent or have unpaid water usage bills
–    You broke the lease early and have not paid the break-lease fee
–    You haven’t returned all keys, resulting in the locks needing to be changed
–    You’ve caused damage to the property or haven’t left the premises in a reasonably clean condition compared to the original entry condition report

What if money is being deducted from my bond which I don’t agree with?
You will receive notification from the Rental Bond Board regarding your bond. If you disagree with the amount being refunded you will need to dispute the claim and lodge with the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal, who will then look into this on your behalf.



As one of Australia’s major Defence Force establishments, Wagga Wagga is home to the Royal Australian Air Force Base and Kapooka Army Recruit Training Base.

Here at Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga, we understand that at times tenants who are involved with the Defence Force will be required to relocate from the area prior to the end of their lease agreement. For this reason, we have a Defence Clause in place.

For further information regarding this clause, please contact our Property Management team members who will be happy to discuss this further.

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