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Tips for Selling

Making the decision to sell your home is never easy. You may have spent some years there, sharing memorable occasions with your family and friends, or bought it as an investment property that you no longer need. The thought of leaving that behind and facing the challenges involved with the actual sale can be daunting. We’ve compiled these steps to help make the process as easy as possible for you, by educating you on what you can expect.

For a more in-depth look at selling your home, you can download our Professionals “Pathways to Selling Your Home” booklet, or alternatively you can get a free copy from our office.


Choosing an Agent
To give yourself the best opportunity of selling your home in the shortest possible timeframe and for the best price, you need to select a qualified and registered real estate agent with the knowledge, experience and skills to do a great job for you.

Some sellers make the mistake of selecting a real estate agent offering the lowest commission promising the highest sell price for the home. This often misses the market of buyers and the best price, which can mean your property will take longer to sell because the agent doesn’t have much invested in selling the property or has priced the property outside of the market.

Professionals are independently owned real estate businesses, with agents who know their local areas and know the people who make up their community. When you choose to work with Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga, you benefit from all the advantages offered by a fully networked real estate group, while receiving individual attention and responsibility provided by our experienced sales team.

To help you select the agent you’d like to sell your home, we’ve put together some questions to ask your potential agent:

•   Can you give an example of how successful your company is? This is a great question to ask regarding results. A good selling agent should be able to quote past sales from their office.
•   May I see your profile? Profiles can help when deciding a personality of a good agent. Are they someone you can deal with on an even level?
•   What do you know about the market in my area? Knowledge is everything when dealing with objections from buyers. If you know your patch, it goes a long way to getting a great result.
•   Do you live locally? Who better to sell your home than someone who knows the ins and outs of your location? If they live here, they can definitely sell the benefits of the location
•   Will you be personally responsible for selling my home or will I be dealing with a team of people? The agent should be the main point of contact when it comes to negotiation and enquiries, however a great team with a good listing agent will get the best results


What is an Appraisal?
A home appraisal is an inspection of your property by a real estate agent to determine a selling price for your home. A good real estate agent with local knowledge and results will give you a realistic appraisal of the market value of your home, whilst comparing homes sold in the area, which are similar to yours.

Here at Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga, our experienced sales team offer market appraisals at no charge.

By inspecting your home, our market appraisal will help determine a realistic selling price for your home, and identify opportunities that will help make your property as marketable as possible. As part of the process, one of our experienced agents will inspect every room, making notes to establish the features and benefits that will assist in selling your home.

A comparative assessment of your property’s value will be made based on recent sales figures within your local area, and as part of the process our agent will identify any aspect of your property that could be improved to maximise its market appeal, including any recommendations based on a specific cost benefit.

To organise a market appraisal of your property, simply fill in our market appraisal form and one of our sales consultants will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, call our office today on 02 6923 9900.


Methods of Sale
There are two main methods of sale when it comes to selling a home – private treaty and auction.

Selling by private treaty is the most common method of sale here in Wagga Wagga. A price is set for your property then advertised in the market place for that specific amount. Potential buyers will make an offer, which the vendor (owner) can choose to accept, reject or negotiate.

Why this method?
•   All buyers are eligible to purchase, whether conditional or unconditional
•   The fixed asking price makes negotiating easier for the buyer
•   Your home attracts buyers in your price range

Put simply, an auction is the process of selling your home by offering it up for bid, then selling to the highest bidder. By selling your home through an auction, you have the right to set a reserve price. If the reserve price is not met on the day of the auction, then your home is not sold (unless otherwise stated by you). If the highest bidder reaches or exceeds the reserve, then your property is sold and the auctioneer will conclude by legally finalising the contract between the buyer and seller.

Why this method?
•   Attracts higher motivated and competitive buyers
•   Provides an opportunity for you to receive a maximum sale price as it does not set a cap price
•   A sale on the day is a cash sale that is completely unconditional and therefor allows you to control the terms of the sale

Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga’s sales team are experienced in both methods of sale and will happily discuss which option is best suited for your needs and requirements to ensure the sale of your home is a rewarding experience.


Open Home Inspections
Open home inspections are an important part of selling your home, for they maximise the number of potential buyers who view your property. Because of this, the appearance of your home during an inspection is vital, for it will have a big impact on potential buyers and may not necessarily be a good thing.

To help maximise the success of your open home, we’ve included some handy hints on how to prepare your property.

•   Let there be light – open blinds and drapes, or on overcast days turn on the lights.
•   Comfortable temperature – on cold days keep the heater on, or light a cozy fire if you have a fire place.
•   Create space – clear off bench tops and tables, and make rooms and hallways spacious and uncluttered.
•   Clean air – if your home has been closed up, or smoking and pet odours are a problem, consider airing out the rooms. Scented candles and fresh flowers can make a difference.
•   Behind closed doors – built-in robes, cupboards and closets are part of the purchase, and buyers may want a peek.
•   Maintenance – mowed lawns, tidy gardens and healthy house plants really do enhance your property, but pets can sometimes be a problem. We suggest they are restrained and away from areas visited by buyers.


Photography – Preparing your Home
Photography is a key part of selling your home. To ensure you’re presenting your home in the best possible light, we’ve included some helpful hints and suggestions. These may help increase your selling price, decrease the sale time and generally make the whole process proceed as smoothly as possible.

•   If you don’t need something, why not donate it or throw it away
•   Pack away those knick-knacks
•   Ensure kitchen counters and bathroom vanities are clear of everything
•   Place essential items used daily in a small box that can be stored in a closet when not in use
•   Think of this process as a head-start on the packing you will eventually need to do anyway
•   Make your home sparkle with a big spring clean
•   Scrutinise your own home, does it feel welcoming?
•   Note photography booking times

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