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QR Codes – what are they?

21 Aug 2012 Professionals Wagga Wagga 0 Comment

You may have noticed those small black and white boxes on everything from junk mail and magazines to signs and billboards. You might have momentarily wondered what they were and why they were on there, but continued on, your attention diverted elsewhere.

Known as QR codes, we often use them here at Professionals Real Estate Wagga Wagga, so thought it worth explaining, especially for those of you who are thinking QR what?!

To put it simply, a QR code (short for ‘quick response code’) is a type of barcode, specifically designed for mobile devices (think smart phone, ipad etc). When scanned with your mobile device, the “barcode” redirects you to a website or message, providing further information.

We promote QR codes on all of our properties for sale in the Wagga Wagga area. In our front office window in Baylis Street, you’ll notice them on the bottom of our flyers, as well as all brochures handed out at open homes. By having these QR codes available, it gives you the opportunity to access specific properties on our website without having to type in the URL or search through our main website. It redirects you straight to the property you’re interested in.

So, now that you know what a QR code is, you’re probably wondering how you can use one.

If you own a smart phone or mobile device with a camera, then you’ve already completed the first step, for without these you wouldn’t be able to access them. Next you’ll need to download a QR code app in your App Store. We recommend i-nigma, who provides the app for free. Simply go to and install the free software. Alternatively, search for them in you App Store.

Once you’ve downloaded i-nigma, or an alternative QR code app, open it on your mobile device (this will turn your camera on) and hold it up to the QR code. It will then scan the code and redirect you to the webpage. It’s that simple.

QR codes provide access to a wide range of information anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone and other similar devices. If you’re searching for a property to buy, it’s a great way for you to access additional information on potential homes.

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